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"The Big Easy" Eggs Benedict from Studio One Cafe: Cajun hollandaise on top of poached eggs, jack cheese, grilled tomato, spinach, and a grilled English Muffin, served with a side of homefries.

I am a complete supporter of small, local businesses. I rarely choose to go out to big name restaurants. I prefer to try out local, small restaurants. You never know when you’ll walk into a hole-in-the-wall that serves the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted!

Today I went to Studio One Cafe in Eugene, Oregon for brunch. I got “The Big Easy” from their Eggs Benedict menu. Now I’ve tried eggs benedict in many, many places. But The Big Easy from Studio One Cafe is my most favorite! And to think, I would’ve never found this out if I didn’t try local restaurants and only went to iHop!

My mom owns a little salon in Gresham, Oregon called Paradise Day Spa & Salon. Her business has been suffering for a few years since the economy went into recession. My mom’s a single mom, raising three kids while attempting to run a business, pay off a house and a car.

Being the eldest, I wish there were more I could do for her business. Back in high school, I would go out to her shop and work as a receptionist. I worked to build relationships with the customers. I greeted everyone by their names and made sure customers felt completely comfortable.

Now that I’m away for college, there’s not much I can do. I’m hoping to take the public relations and communication skills I learn from my PR and business administration courses to help her business out once I graduate! I started a Facebook page for her business, but I’m having a hard time gathering any fans. I’ve figured out that personal use of social media is much easier than business’ use of social media. Kudos to those businesses that succeed in the social media world!


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