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About “What’s good here?” blog:

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, sat down and stared blankly at a menu, with absolutely no idea of what to order?

Then, when you ask the waiter “what’s good here?” and he tells you, “everything!”

Well thanks, bud. But really, what’s good here?

As a fellow foodie, I stop by local restaurants with my friends and try different items on their menus. I then blog and recommend to readers what to order so you get your money’s worth. I’m a broke college student so if I go out to eat, it better be good. I am studying public relations and advertising at the University of Oregon, so when I say local, I’m talking about Eugene, Oregon and neighboring cities. You can find a ton of websites with reviews and ratings of local restaurants, but there aren’t enough websites out there that reviews on what to order at those restaurants. Yes, I’m glad you loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, but what’d you eat and was it delicious? I’ll tell you! (See About the Blogger page for more information about the writer).

Rating Scale:

5/5: Outrageously amazing!

4/5: Very good, definitely worth a try.

3/5: Average, a basic dish.

2/5: Nothing to go out of the way for.

1/5: Terrible. I’d never order it again.

0/5: Give me my money back.


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