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What to order at Hot Mama’s Wings

Posted on: February 5, 2011

Overall Restaurant – Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 – Success! Finally found a bomb hot wings joint in Eugene. Check out their Facebook: Hot Mama’s Wings’ Facebook.

Hot Mama’s Wings (420 West 13th Avenue, 97401) just opened yesterday and you can already find a ton of information about the hot, new restaurant on the Internet. Big ups to them for using social media as a marketing tool! Instead of going into details about the whole restaurant, I’ll just recommend to you what to order from there. If you’re interested in learning more about the restaurant, you can check out Oregon Daily Emerald’s article or Eugene Weekly’s article on the joint. I’ll just eat there and tell you what’s good.

So first off, I got to tell you: Their wings are meaty. This is a good thing. I had wings at the other hot wings joint near campus last weekend and those were literally just bones. Those tasted like frozen wings you buy at the grocery store and reheat them in the microwave.

The wings at Hot Mama’s however, are real, meaty chicken wings.

Here’s what my friends and I tried today:


Crispy, brown French fries

French fries – Rating: 5/5 – They were brown, but crispy. The color of the French fries threw me off at first, but dang, they were good. They crunch in your mouth.

Jalapeno Poppers - Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon

Jalapeno poppers – Rating: 3/5 – Hollowed out peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. The pepper-filled cream cheese was a bit rich for my taste. I ended up just eating the bacon wrap.

Tater tots – Rating: 4/5 – Crispy tater tots, good, but could have used more seasoning.

Main course:

Wings – Rating: 5/5 – Meaty & crispy. The best part: Not messy. It’s like they cooked the sauce into the wings. It’s not your usual deep-fried wings smothered in sauce. You get the flavors when you bite into the wings without having your face and hands covered in sauce. They offered tempeh, grilled and fried wings. We all went with the fried.

Upper left: Chipotle Bourbon, Upper right: Jalapeno Poppers, Middle: Hot

Flavors of wings we tried (I don’t have the exact flavor names. I made the mistake of not taking a picture of the menu):

Hot – Rating: 3/5 – Not too flavorful, but spicy. Have some fun, order something that’s spicy and flavorful.

Medium – Rating: 4/5 – Not too flavorful, but a good amount of spicy for those who cannot handle hot.

BBQ – Rating: 4/5 – Plain, standard BBQ flavor, as expect. Maybe they should offer Honey BBQ also so it’s not as standard.

Cilantro Lime – Rating: 3/5 – The flavor of the cilantro did not come out, neither did the lime. It just tasted like a piece of fried chicken.

Root-beer Glazed – Rating: 5/5 – The table’s first favorite. A tad bit sweet, a tad bit spicy and a tad bit salty, perfecto. You can taste that spicy, sweet root beer flavor. Awesome! *Must try!

Pineapple – Ratings: 3/5 – More like limey than pineapple-y? A little bit too tangy of a flavor for wings.

Chipotle Bourbon – Rating 5/5 – My table’s second favorite. Extremely spicy and flavorful at the same time. *Must try!

All of us ordered 9 wings for $8.50 and chose three different flavors. Appetizers were about $4 and drinks were $2. They had many other choices of food besides wings, but we went for the wings. I’ll post a copy of the menu for prices and choices as soon as I get my hands on one. Post comments if you tried anything else from the restaurant that I should review! I’ll definitely be back there soon.

Check out urbanspoon’s rating of Hot Mama’s Wings:

Hot Mama's Wings on Urbanspoon

Happy eating!


6 Responses to "What to order at Hot Mama’s Wings"

Hey Linda, I can’t believe you run a food blog. I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now and I’m glad you reviewed it first

Yay! I’m glad you found my review helpful. I’ll be doing more reviews soon! I need to go back there soon, I heard they have a new flavor called Kamikaze because people were saying their “hot” wings weren’t hot enough. I might have to try it. You definitely should try the place out! They have the most legit wings in Eugene!

So I went here a few weekends ago and ordered the poppers, the fries, the tots, and a TON of wings. Me and my friends agreed that the poppers were way too spicy and we even chose the last extra popper as a punishment for whoever lost a round of rock-paper-scissors for the last popper. The fries we ordered were not crispy and were actually very soggy and droopy, although I did like the size of the cuts. The tater tots were pretty tasty and crispy, but I’m very biased for tots. We ordered 2 batches of 36 wings because we were a group of 4 guys after all, and the first batch was definitely made much better than the second one. The second batch didn’t seem to be sauced/seasoned as much as the first batch so there were a lot of plain fried chicken wings. The wings were nice and meaty though, so that was good. We all had different favorites and I don’t think anything came out on top. I thought the hot wings weren’t very hot and I was actually really disappointed there weren’t any buffalo wings because I love buffalo sauce. Not too sure if I’d go back there for the wings, but I definitely want to go back to try out a sandwich.

My experience was quite different! I think it might be because I went the first weekend they opened, they might have tried more for quality food at the beginning. Oftentimes restaurants work really hard to impress customers when they first open, but then go downhill from there. I hope Hot Mama’s Wings hasn’t done that because Eugene needs a good wings place! The jalapeno poppers I had were not hot at all, but the fries I had were very crispy. I loved their tots as well, but thought it’d be awesome if they had Cajun tots. I remember their hot wings not being very hot as well, but I guess a customer told them that so they recently came out with the Kamikaze flavor that should be hotter than hot. I was disappointed they didn’t have honey bbq as a flavor! That’s my favorite from Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings.

I highly DO NOT recommend eating at Hot Mama’s wings on West 13th st. In Eugene, Oregon. That was The Worst restaurant I have ever ate at. Bad Customer service for instance: Took 1 hour to get my food $13 for a burnt hamburger with a burnt egg. $1 Dollar for two small ranch Dressings and she rolled her eyes when I asked for some ranch. Disgusting food! I can’t believe I paid for that!

Hey Lon,

Thanks for sharing! I moved away from Eugene so I haven’t been there in awhile. I wrote this review right when Hot Mama’s Wings opened in 2011 and heard it’s gone downhill in customer service and quality since then. That’s very unfortunate because I really had hope for the place!

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